APASWISS is the leading provider for solar systems for cruising catamarans.
We offer 'ready to use' solar systems for all leading cruising catamarans.

Our Solar Solutions

We have the solution - you have the choice
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Flexible, shaped Solar Systems
Our flexible Solar Panel solutions are individually designed for each cruising catamaran. We offer for most of the models different variants, called Essential, Comfort, and MaxPower.   

We developed flexible solar panel solutions which provide the maximum output on energy, even in hot, and sightly shadowed conditions. The high-end solar cells from SUNPOWER are glued on a thin fiber-glass, and covered with an anti-slippery cover - meaning that you can walk on our panels. 

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Stern Solar Systems
Our Stern Solar solutions are designed to work with high-end residential solar panels, the Sunpower 400W Maxeon 3. Four or five panels produce a total output of incredible 1600-2000 watt-power.

Our stern system allows to install additional gadgets, such as a Starlink-, TV, or NAVTEX antenna, or a rear-camera. Two or three full-RGBE lights, installed below the solar panels, provide a nice light at night. 

Lagoon 52F Stern Solar System
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We provide Solar Systems for the following cruising catamarans

    For the below listed models, we can provide Solar Systems without taking measures or templates on your yacht. This means that we can deliver your "sun power" within a very short time. For all other models, we are happy to develop a perfect-fitting product for your cruising catamaran. 

    - Lagoon 42: Flexible Solar System

    - Lagoon 450 F/S: Flexible Solar System, Stern Solar System

    - Lagoon 46: Flexible Solar System, Stern Solar System

    - Lagoon 50:  Flexible Solar System, Stern Solar System

    - Lagoon 51:  Flexible Solar System, Stern Solar System

    - Lagoon 55:  Flexible Solar System

    - Fountain Pajot 51 AURA: Flexible Solar System

Flexible Solar Systems 

The new generation of Solar Energy
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Made for your cruising catamaran

We design our Flexible Solar Panel Systems to the shape of your yacht. After installation, they appear like an integrated part of your cruising catamaran.

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MAXEON GEN 3 Solar Cells

Our Flexible Solar Systems are made on the foundation of the leading SUNPOWER MAXEON GEN 3 cells. With an efficiency of >24%, the highest output from the smallest area is guaranteed. 

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Seamless surface thanks to Back-Contact technology

All electrical connections on our Flexible Solar Systems are made on the back-side. By this approach, we guarantee an obstacle-free surface on your yacht.

Stern Solar System

Maximum Solar Power based on proven Technology
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Four our five SUNPOWER 400W MAXEON 3 Solar Panels are the backbone of our Stern Solar System. The proven Solar Technology from the world's market leader is in use in million of applications. Maximum Solar Power Output is guaranteed. 

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Seamless Design ...

Our Stern Solar System is designed for a specific catamaran model. The shape of the frame, the poles, etc. have been designed in a way that they 'integrate' with the design of the catamaran. Even the color of the frame matches the yacht's color.   

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... and tailored to your needs

Optionally, we can add specific holders for diving equipment, surf-boards, or just a net for fruits and others. Let us know what you need and we will address your needs.  

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Room for gadgets

What is a cruising catamaran without gadgets? Our solar systems allow you the installation of KVH TV antennas, STARLINK antennas, and other gadgets such as "REAR-cameras".

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Mood lights

Another gadget that is standard in our deliveries are the integrated LUMITEC full RGBW-LED lights on the covered area of the Solar panels. Btw. they also help when you return with your tender at night.

Frequently asked questions

  • Are the Flexible Solar Solutions resistant to salt-water, and extrem conditions?
    Yes - they are. We tested the solar panels on our own cruising catamarans in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterran Sea. All panels are also tested in our lab under extrem conditions. 
  • Can I walk on the Solar Panels?
    On our flexible Solar Panels you can walk with no restrictions.
    On our residential solar systems, we do not recommend to walk on them.
  • How is the electrical connection made on the Flexible Solar Solution?
    All panels have their electrical connections on the back-side, and are therefore not visible. This method gives a maximal protection of the connections
  • Was Solar Technology is used to transform the Solar Energy?
    We recommend to use the Solar- and Battery technology from Victron Energy or Mastervolt.
  • Do I need to upgrade the service batteries to Lithium?
    No, there is no need for upgrading the service battery bank to Lithium technology. However, for a maximal benefit we recommend to consider the installation of Lithium batteries. APASWISS is happy to develop an electrical concept tailored to your needs.
  • How long does it take from ordering to get the solution delivered?
    In case we have the templates for your yacht, we need between 2 and 4 weeks to produce the panels. For a stern-solar rack, we estimate a delivery time of 10 to 12 weeks, plus transportation.
  • Who is going to install the solution and how long does it take?
    A local service partner can install the solution with our guidance, or we will travel to the boat to install it. We normally operate from our bases in Switzerland, and Lefkas, Greece.
    Depending on the model of the yacht, we expect 2 days for installing the solar, and 1 to 2 days for installing the solar electronic (cables, MPPT controller, etc.).

Why should you chose our solution?

APASWISS is a specialized company for post-factory upgrades of Cruising Catamarans. We have done more than two dozen upgrades, including the calculation of energy consumption, planning and installing solar-, 12/24V-, and 230V electrical systems. To understand your needs, and to advise you on usage-patterns, is a key-part of our core  competency. This is given by the fact that we operate and use our own fleet of Cruising Catamarans (Lagoon 46, Lagoon 52F, Lagoon 55) on which we have installed our technology and tested them. 

Specialized, and competent Team

Solar Systems for Cruising Catamarans are the core of our business, and this for many years. You will work with a team of experts, who have designed and installed many Solar System on Catamarans. 

Prooven and tested

We develop and test our solutions under real conditions. We tested our solutions on our own yachts, before we release a product for the market.

European Team 

All our Solar Systems are designed and produced in Europe. We do not rely on Solar Technology imported from Far-East.

Benefits at a glance

The final designed is tailored to your needs

We only use premium products from proven providers to build our solutions

Everything "Made in Europe" by Europeans

EU Warranty on work and products

We ship and install our solutions worldwide

Tested on our own Cruising Catamarans

Our Team

Urs Ernst Tanner
Urs Ernst Tanner
Managing Partner
Project Management & Sales

Urs Ernst Tanner, Swiss, is a pationate catamaran sailor. Urs has sailed more than 30.000nm on crusing catamarans, and he developed solar systems for Lagoon 42, 450F, 46, 50, and 55.

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Kevin McKenna
Total Boat Solutions
Team Lead Installation

Kevin McKenna, Irish, is a senior boat technician,  working for more than 20 years in the industry. Kevin is responsible for templating and fitting the solar systems. 

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Dustin Schrickel
Total Boat Solutions
Team Lead
Electrics & Electronics

Dustin Schrickel, German, is a senior boat electrician. He installed several complex solar- and electrical systems on cruising catamarans. 

Are you interested? 



+41 79 341 7707 (Urs  - German, English, Spanish)
+30 694 167 1999 (Kevin - English)
+49 176 419 15810 (Dustin - German, English)



Headquarters: 6343 Rotkreuz, Switzerland
Workshop: 311 00 Lefkas, Greece


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